12:19N 31:43W Why do we do it?

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Thu 8 Dec 2022 15:59

 Latitude: 12 23.550N ; Longitude: 31 37.187W Thursday 8 December 2022, entering day 7 at sea.

Another 24 hours has passed since our last post and Alpha Whiskey! In fact it’s been it’s more than alls well! The wind has filled, we’re now running down wind, with full main sail and full genoa set, poled out. We’re on a south west course, doing over 5 knots at last! The sun is shining, the sea is calm, perfect trade wind sailing :) The wind is forecast to go more easterly, so hopefully we will start making some west miles soon? …. And….. The boat is behaving very well, at the moment, no immediate tasks to do …. So we’re giving ourselves a bit of a break and just enjoying it :) reading, resting, catching up on sleep.

We have over the last few days as we’ve bobbed along in very light air, making poor daily mileage, asked ourselves why we are doing this? Would we change anything? Do we have any regrets? Do we miss anything? Yes of course we miss family and friends, but we really hope that we get visitors once we are over the other side, and modern communications really help with that. We miss a good nights sleep… together ;’) …. And the internet!!!! But overall this is what we talked about for 34 years ago since we first met. This is what we brought Blue Argolis for 19 years ago. This is what we’ve spent the last few years researching, investing in, so that we could make it happen. 

We are really settling into living onboard now, not just being on a boat! We are not counting days yet, or clock watching miles, particularly as we’re still heading south of our destination….. we are just enjoying the journey. Luckily we still enjoy each other’s company …. as there is only really Hari to talk to as an alternative ….. and he’s very dull companion ;) we talk and laugh a lot and are still planning our future and where we might sail to next. We watch sun rises, sunsets, moon rises and moon sets. We throw flying fish back into the sea and try to catch edible fish, although there is so much surface seaweed around we’ve just about given up fishing for the moment as the weed breaks the spool! We watch sea birds, my knowledge  is very limited, you realise that you might Google what they are….. when you get back to land in 3 weeks …  Greg says they were petrel and friget birds? They might be? However, whatever they are, They treated us to great acrobatic displays.

So why are we doing this? The simple answer is because we love it! And we can! And what else would Greg and I do? :)

Miles run today 102nm 1,626 to go! Total distance …. 493nm not quite 1/4 of the way across, but still have plenty of fresh food and the green bananas are slowly ripening :)

Yours aye 

Greg and Sue xx

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