11:38N 55:41W It t’was a dark and stormy night!

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Mon 19 Dec 2022 15:00

 Longitude 11 38.297N ; longitude 55 41.758W Monday 19 December 2022, day 18 at sea

So, another very dark and very stormy night to add to the tally! More squalls, more rain, but now we have full cockpit covers up at night to give some protection. We’re learning a lot more about ocean sailing! As we sail down wind we’ve observed how the wind dies off as a cloud approaches from our stern, the cloud catches up with us and as it passes we get ‘the weather’, massive increases in wind, changes of wind direction and rain showers. The squalls came in one after the other last night, Greg stayed up with me for an hour or so on my watch to provide morale support….. classic trade wind sailing! But, would be nice to have fewer squalls! 

It also means sleeping is difficult and only essential stuff gets done on the boat, so no updates on that score! Thankfully we have no sea sickness on board, and we are eating well, despite the difficulties of cooking….. an army marches on its stomach!

127nm run through the water; 144nm on GPS…. We’ve decided on Port Louis Grenada…. 339nm to south of island

Alpha Whiskey 

Yours aye 

Greg and Sue xx

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