26:14N 17:14W Alpha Whiskey

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Fri 18 Nov 2022 12:11

Latitude 26’14N ; longitude 17’14W

It’s 24 hours now since we left Tenerife on take 2, and Alpha WHISKEY (all’s well.)

So, we are now running south downwind towards Sao Vincent, we have kept with 1 reef in the mail, mizzen and 1 reef in the head sail, which is poled out on the opposite side to the main boom and mizzen. Hari is steering most of the time, and doing well, although We have preventers on both booms so we cannot crash maybe the sails and decapitate Hari again. It’s very comfortable, warm and sunny, sailing in shorts and tea shirts during the day. We are settling into a watch system and the general routine of line at sea. We have had a good night, although it was long, sun goes down at 19.00 and raises at 07.30, it is dark as no moon but big sky filled with stars. When the sun goes down it gets damp and a bit chilly, the cockpit blankets are good send. Greg is fishing and is keen to catch a tuna for supper. No luck yesterday so he changed his lure this morning to his ‘lucky’ pink and purple one…. Is that better than an orange one?

Distance run 119nm 730nm to go approx

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