28:0N 16:39W well this wasn't supposed to happen!

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Thu 17 Nov 2022 16:40

Latitude 28 0N ; Longitude 16 39W Marina del Sur Las Galletas Wednesday 17 November 2022


So we ran down the coast of Tenerife to the very southern point, until we literally ran our of wind. How did that happen when we were going dead down wind in a nice breeze? Sea was confused and night was falling so we furled the headsail, put on the iron mainsail and headed south. After about an hour the wind filled in, however when we went to roll out the genoa, it wouldn’t budge. Took the decision to return to Tenerife anchor overnight and sort in morning. We anchored at about 01.00 at Punta Negra, slept until 07.00, then popped into marina Del Sur, we secured to a pontoon, out of the swell and Greg went up the mast and sorted a twist in the genoa halyard. All fixed and underway again you 10.00. phew. Wind NE 4, sun is out conditions are perfect. Now to get some miles under our belt.


Alpha Whiskey


Greg and Sue