22:30N 20:12 W Are we neatly there yet?

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Sun 20 Nov 2022 13:28
Latitude 22’30W ; longitude 20’12W

We have been at sea now 72 hours, heading south south west, 150 miles off the west African coast. The last 24 hours the wind hasn’t dropped under 20 knots, and most of the time it’s been 25-30+ knots. But, having dropped everything but a highly reefed genoa last night and setting Hari so we ran down the worst of the waves, we had the best night we could. It was pitch black no stars, but amazing phosphorescence!

Our boat speed has also been amazing! We’ve not fallen below 5 knots….. but indeed most of the time it’s been over 6 knots or even 7 or 8 knots! Consequently our distance run since 10.00 yesterday has been 143nm…. We have sailed 407nm in 3 days, and still have 428nm left to run….. so we’re about 1/2 way. Although the wind is set to ease a bit, it’s still forecast to be 15-20 knots and in the right direction, so a very fast run for BA.

Of course the down side is the rockin’ & a rollin’, making the simple things in life difficult, sleeping, cooking, eating, washing. It is very definitely one hand for you and one for the boat. We are both sporting so colourful bruises…. Or ‘boat bites’ as we call them! But the sun is back out today, we’re 1/2 way and so yes, we’re nearly there :)

Alpha Whiskey

Greg and Sue
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