16:32N 27:27W Drifting …. And because it ’s Blue Argolis doing maintenance!

S/V Blue Argolis
Greg and Sue Hill
Sun 4 Dec 2022 17:13

Drifting …. And because it’s Blue Argolis doing maintenance!

Latitude: 16 32.129’N       Longitude: 27 27.771’W      Sunday 4 December 2022

We knew that the weather forecast said that the wind would die Saturday night and not fill in again until Monday night, but we choose to leave anyway. We were ready to leave and wanted to start the adventure! We had very fickle winds from the outset, but guess what? Last night the wind died completely. We tried everything to harness the dying puffs, sails one side, then the other, in out, in out, shake it all about, finally we put the spinnaker up and left that until it hung lifeless up the mast….. Hari also was certainly very out of sorts!…. So we downed everything, let Hari rest and took the opportunity for peaceful sleep ourselves.

This morning both of us feel refreshed, had a breakfast of kings (spam, beans and eggs…. Well Greg did) and feel much more attuned to boat life :) The sun is shining and Alpha Whiskey. So, as we drift silently west on the current with about 4 knots of breeze, barely turning the wind turbine, we did a task list and are now cracking through them. Water pump maintenance , bilges checked and cleaned, engine on to charging batteries, but why waste the power, so yes whist charging, we are also making water and filling our tanks and heating water for a shower later :) and why waste power? we are also motoring forward at a speed of 3.5 knots (likely our only forward movement today!) We have still have hanks to mend on the main sail, but that still leaves time to chill in sunshine, read my book, plan dinner. Greg’s fishing and almost caught one…. But sadly just lost the lure :’( so it’s not fish for supper…. Yet! 

Yes…. We could have stayed in Mindelo until Monday and waited for the wind ….. but now we’re both sleeping, this is just so much better. It’s just going to be a long passage across to the other side, thank goodness we have about 3 weeks worth of army ration packs! 

Yours aye

Greg and Sue xx

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