51:32.85N 07:47.95W Fastnet Rock - 68 miles to go

Rob Packham
Mon 23 Jun 2008 13:55
Well it is now into our second day of the race. The race started at 12noon yesterday in heavy conditions but thankfully allowing us to make Tusker Rock close hauled.
The most stressful event was all the boats getting off the East Pier with a strong wind blowing us hard on. We were the inside boat and were last to leave.
ICAP Leopard was prowling about outside when we got there with a dozen crew on the rail and going like a rocket with a small main up!
We were mid fleet over the line and got into the groove with gusts of 30 kts and eventually 3 reefed main and small genoa - very lumpy.
Tuskar Rock was a 47 nm beat but with a good tide we made great progress and reported our rounding to Coastguard Radio (race rules).
After Tuskar we were headed and went offshore for the night and then fell into very light conditions between 0400 and 1100. Then as predicted the wind filled from the south and as I write this we are making 6/7kts towards (VMG) towards our next waypoint - the Fastnet Rock. A beautiful sunny afternoon with calm seas!
Local Irish Radio has a S/SE gale coming through in the next 24 hrs which should be ok if we are round the Fastnet and headed NW for the West coast leg.
Tim and I are just about ok - both taken a while to settle into the watches. A couple of good sleeps before the next blow should sort us out!