41:53.09N 21:28.38W. Spinnaker spinnaker

Rob Packham
Fri 22 Jun 2007 15:53
Have a cosy group of yachts around us. Tamarind and Raparee are just astern - we have been keeping pace with Tamarind for the last two days. Then there is Carte Blanche just ahead and another unidentified yacht way over on our port beam.
We flew the spinnaker for 34 hours up to dusk last night when the wind made us go to Genoa to keep the northern side of the direct course between Azores and Lizard Point.
Overnight was nasty fog - as was yesterday - and radar watch was needed.
We have had the spinnaker back up since 0630 this morning and making 5/6kts.
We have sailed 418 n miles and have 817 to go to our Lizard wapoint.
More dolphins around the boat this morning - special moments.

:this is BJ now, not BR anymore- pay attention readers ! we're on day 4 and beginning to look weather-beaten,bearded,rugged and hunky.more of this and we'll be mobbed by a hoard of rampant ravaging cornish women (and men?) the minute we make landfall.Fortunately we have a protective forcefield around us-we're getting high-as in cheese not dope.On the topic of high we've had 3 days of tea and water only but i can just begin to make out the squeals of a very lonely bottle of Glenmorangie smuggled away in a locker right under Captain bob's nose
it is a long way,i can safely say that.yesterday,a long and winding road to serenade you,now here's a Hard Day's Night and I've been working.....tee dum tee dum da da poo poo

x to all