Star Dancer 49:05.22N 07:13.55W

Rob Packham
Sun 3 Jun 2007 13:28
GBR 9492T - Star Dancer position at 1200UTC Sunday 3rd June is 49:05.22N 07:13.55W.
Nearly 140 n miles sailed and about 120 n miles down the course to towards the Azores.
We have had a good first 24hrs.   More wind than forecast - from the SE and now moving North of West.
We had up to 18 boats in sight at one point last evening but now there is just one to be seen as the rain keeps falling and visibility is moderate.
Radar watch is needed  - especially last night when some big ships were close and we only picked up their lights in the mist less than a mile away.
We are settling into the routine of watch keeping and ate a good pasta supper last evening.   
Everything is damp and wet - but our spirits are high! 
Rob and Robert