46:38.18N 13:29.11W Big seas and good progress

Rob Packham
Mon 25 Jun 2007 14:25
Starry seems to be loving these conditions. She has just sailed 183 n miles in the 24 hrs to 12 noon today. Three reefs in the main and a small genoa with big seas and winds ranging 25 to 35kts. What is more our course is directly towards to Lizard which now lies 379 miles away. Wind is NNW and is forecast to stay there for the next 24 hrs decreasing slightly this evening.
We are bouncing around and have to hold on hard in these seas - part baked baguette with corned beef coming up for lunch shortly - ideal in thses conditions!
Every so often the combination of waves and Star Dancer's speed sends a large wave soaking the cockpit. I had a big wave down my neck yesterday and got soaked - needed a change so got one of the few washes and change of clothes since we started!
Thats all for now - hard work this sailing in these conditions but progress is good.
Rob and John