Quartermoon arrives in Sydney - finally!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Share & Sammy Byron
Sat 30 Jul 2011 07:44
Waking up at the Basin was beautiful.... and cold at 8 degrees with fog drifting across the water as the sun came up. The morning gradually cleared and with gloves and hats on and tea in hand, we upped anchor and headed back up Pittwater to cover the last miles to Sydney.
We hugged the coast and enjoyed the views of the Northern Beaches on another beautiful day. We don't believe the rumours that this was the wettest July in 60 years! Dodging the fishermen all along the coast we passed Long Reef and saw Alex welcoming us back just off Harbord Diggers. Then a fly-by past Freshwater where we used to live then Manly and out around North Head. As we turned the corner and passed the heads we cracked the champagne and there were absolutely no tears as we finally end our 12600nm trip, with all it's highs and lows, amazing places visited and amazing friends made, we are finally home!
    Curl Curl Beach                                                                            Freshie Beach                                                                        Manly....
Rich, Bel and Willow were on North Head lookout to welcome us home and it was great to see them waving us in. We were treated to a mother and calf humpback whales breaching continuously for nearly 10 minutes  so we turned QM around and watched for a while - spectacular and right on cue!
Arrival at the heads                                                                        Champagne on ice...mmmm we wish!                                        We've done it!
Willow & Bel - Our welcome party at the heads                                QM coming through the heads                                                    Coming through....
What a show...mother and calf
We went for a short cruise up to Manly cove and then slowly back across the harbour to watch the start of the Sydney to Southport race (where we had just sailed from).
We had amazing views right on the start line and it was far less hectic than the Hobart at Christmas! Then with champagne finished we headed over to CYCA (Cruising Yacht Club of Australia) where we had decided to berth for the night. 
We literally had to shoehorn QM into a berth that was so tight you could barely get a fender between us and the next boat. Gav, Dee, MI I & II and Casper were on the dock to welcome us in and the celebrations began!
Welcome party at CYC
We chose CYCA as it was easy to have people onboard and there's a great bar and restaurant right on the harbour. We weren't expecting many people as it was late notice - we were scared of committing to a date due to weather, unseen problems and so on - but it was great to see so many friends come by even if for an hour or so. Sammy's Hobart crew for AFR Midnight Rambler came over and it was great to have them onboard our boat for a change. What can I say? An amazing welcome home and it is so good to be back...... 
We didn't party too hard Saturday night so we were up early on Sunday and sailed over to Manly to meet Ann & Murph. It was amazing to anchor right off Manly - one of the things we have been looking forward to for a few years now - and row ashore. After an amazing brunch c/o Murph, we bumped into Nic and Stu who decided no time like the present and jumped onboard to come round to Cammeray - middle harbour with us.