Still loving it in Tonga

Mike Share & Sammy Byron
Fri 20 Aug 2010 23:05
Yarrrrr, Greetings Land-lubbers!
Tonga is (wait for it) really beautiful, probably our next favourite after the Tuamotus and Marquesas. We are still in the Vav'au island group and the islands are stunning in a different way - very volcanic rock with heaps of white beaches, jungle and costal caves. The viz and coral/fish life is second only to the Tuamotus. We have finally caught up with a few boats we know (all heading to Oz and Sydney) and  we cruised Tonga as a group which was brilliant. We have had a lot of fun snorkelling, hiking, spear fishing, knee boarding and most nights we found a deserted beach, built a huge fire and cooked dinner on it. The Belgians have introduced us to a new campfire game called  'Werewolf' which the kids love and so do all the kids amongst us adults.
Our final farewell before we all set off again was a night at 'Tongan Bobs', a transvestite club in the main village. Unfortunately we arrived at the last act which was hilarious but the dancing carried on through the night which was great fun, infact Sammy won the dancing competition with her first partner (Norwegian professional dancer), I was her second partner and didn't get a look in!
The plan is to sail to Fiji in convey with Dutch and Aussie friends - that will be a first and quite nice - the reefs between here and Fiji are some of the most treacherous of the whole trip and the weather can be pretty unpredictable around the SPCZ. 
We are now thinking of maybe heading to Coff's Harbour after New Caledonia. The trip to Lord Howe and Sydney is long and the weather can be nasty. New Cal to Coff's will also allow us to do all the formalities in a relatively small town which has to be better than Sydney BS! We also have friends there, want to dive the Solitary Islands and can then coast hop as weather windows open up. Oh did I mention we will be able to turn right upon entering Port Jackson instead of left? We hear there is an amazing anchorage near Little Manly and can then dinghy straight to the Wharf hotel ;-)    rather than being quarantined for numerous days in some crappy bay on Parramatta river on arrival back in Sydney.
Well that's about all for now. Internet is still painfully slow so we will have to figure out how to post some pics.