Great Keppel

Mike Share & Sammy Byron
Sat 7 May 2011 23:13
Sadly we have come to the end of our little holiday in Great Keppel. It was well worth the trip north to catch up with 'A small Nest', 'Go Beyond' and 'Sea Level'. We arrived first thing last Monday and it was just brilliant to see them all again. Hikes on the island, bowls on the beach and fun nights onboard 'A small Nest' brought back all the amazing cruising memories. Sadly they left us Wednesday to keep heading North and continue on their next 20,000nm, to complete their circumnavigation.
Luckily Gav came to visit us so it kept our spirits high. We sailied over to Roslyn Bay to pick him up last Wednesday and have spent the last 4 days exploring Great Keppel, enjoying frisbee and sunset drinks on the beach and bbq'ing.
Gav has promised he will write a guest blog so I won't write anymore. We are on our way South now to Lady Musgrave.