Trade Winds have arrived, and then some.......

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Thu 9 Dec 2010 12:43

13:53.89N 047:50.73W


Wednesday 8th December


Now this is apparently what the Trade Winds should be! We have liveley and steady NE winds of 18-24 kts (giving us 7-10 kts) with periods of squalls and then brilliant sunshine. The rollers are amazing - the boat feels one minute as if it's on top of a house and then seconds later in a valley with the water higher than our heads. It sounds and it looks very spectacular but it just underlines the strength of build of the boats.


Everyone's thoughts are now turning to our arrival. Every time our speed is mentioned someone will say, "If we keep this speed up we'll arrive.............." and right now that's some time late 12th, early 13th.


But just to be sure, our trusty skipper is honing his sextant skills. We have total confidence in his abilities but none of us are yet convinced that we are 30 miles east of Milan!



 hats off please ladies and gentlemen, we are now in st paul's cathederal