Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sun 7 Nov 2010 10:44
33:16.23N 009:28.6W
From Phoebe B.Yesterday was hot and fairly windless, we saw Casablanca from a distance, and passed a few ships. The most notable event of the day was that Paul was 'Mother' and cooked BLT's for brunch and a grand chilli for tea not only did he serve it with rice but also managed garlic bread!! it was an impressive meal. During the night watch we encountered tuna fishermen trawling nets which meant that we had a 3 mile detour! One of the reasons that we saw no dolphins yesterday could well be due to these fishermen!
We have woken to a lovely warm breeze this morning, at the moment we can not see any other boats on the horizon, and all we can see is sea. I think a spot of sunbathing is in order. Sue signing out x [ps forgot to say Paul saw his BLT again!]