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Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Sun 14 Nov 2010 22:04
After a few hours of heavy, grey clouds and rain we arrived Rubicon Marina, south coast Lanzarote at 21:20 on Tuesday 9th. Total miles from Gibraltar was 644.
Following some precision stern mooring by Dan we headed off to the nearest bar to celebrate our arrival. I think the sea-legs must have kicked in as the land did appear to be swaying a little when we left the bar the next morning at 3.
Unsuprisingly, Wednesday 10th was spent relaxing with minimal activity - no camel rides, no volcano walking, just a little reading, a stroll around the harbour and swimming by some in the (apparently) "not too cold" waters in a nearby bay. The twice-weekly market was on in the harbour so it was buzzing.I had to go to the local pharmacia to replenish the Lemsips after a bout of man-flu, about which I think I hardly complained or craved sympathy at all!
Today, Thursday 11th, we cleaned down to boat, took on fuel and water ready for our departure about 6 this evening for Gran Canaria. It's about a 100 miles run so averaging say 6 kts, it should take us about 16 hours, arriving Las Palmas marina mid morning.
Right now, Dan is reading his book, Sue and Paul have gone for a walk and to buy some bread, I'm writing the blog and getting ready to enjoy some sunshine. All is well with the world aboard PhoebeB.  Tony
Clouds gathering as we appraoch Lanzarote.
Clouds gather approching Lanzarote
Refueling in Rubicon marina before setting off to Las Palmas
Refuling at Rubicon marina