Heating up

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Wed 1 Dec 2010 14:56

14:17.5N 30:49.2W


Wednesday 1st December


The sun returned today, we all had a real shower, a good day for all. For all except the perennial flying fish that is.

Undaunted by the ones that got away earlier in the week, fish-eaters Dan, Paul and Sue set about trying to supplement our (their) diet by fishing today. After an hour of dragging a squid look-alike lure behind the boat a big fish stuck. It really was a big fish, was over 1m in length and was a Dorado which is apparently quite a fierce but nevertheless tasty specimen. The fish and the crew fought valiantly but just as they were trying to haul it aboard the line broke and the fish was free. (ripped the hook off a steel wire-Dan)

Strangely, it continued to swim at the back of the boat and was joined by two slightly smaller Dorado friends! More as a joke than in seriousness Dan put on a fresh lure and dropped it just over the back of the boat. One of the fishy friends then took the bait. Another battle but another loss!

Undaunted, they left the lures out and 3 or 4 hours later success – 2 Dorado. You can see below what an impressive pair they were:


 That’s the fish, not Paul’s Calvin Klein little numbers!

So, first things first, some very cheap gin was poured into their gills – again, that’s the fish. This apparently kills them quickly and painlessly.

Secondly, the fish needed to be gutted and filleted. Great job Sue!


And now the amazing coincidence - each fish had a flying fish in its stomach!

It must be bummer being a flying fish – a 50 yard flight and you smack into the side of the boat but 45 yard flight and you end up in a Dorado!

Dan, Sue and Paul enjoyed the Dorado and Jonathan and I enjoyed the cottage pie. So, unless you happen to be a flying fish, it was a good day.