Passage to Sicilly - Milazzo

Phoebe B
Sail Ionian
Thu 14 Oct 2010 17:13
38:13 N 15:15 E
We have survived the 300nm/ 48 hour passage accross the Ionian Sea to Milazzo, the conditions have been varied giving us wind (or more often no wind) from virtually all directions, heavy rain and amazing lightening displays - at least we were welcomed by blue skies and sunshine as we passed through the Stretto di  Messina.  Despite having to motor most of the way we have learnt a lot (cornflakes and wind are not a good combo and everything tastes better with tobasco), become familiar with all the gadjets on board and the 4 hour watch system !!
Barry has been trying to catch some fresh fish with an array of 'fancy lure', however, we are optimistic that the 'big catch' is only a day away - so far we have only managed to 'land' a baby squid - so it is a good that there is still plenty of fresh food on board.
The Phoebe B Crew