Mission accomplished

Fri 3 Jul 2015 07:29
So the big adventure draws to its inevitable end.
What I started with Keith on the Fal500 in 2010 ended yesterday at 05.41 Thursday June 2, 2015. And what an experience!
Keith dropping out in 2011. Fred stepping up for the AZAB 2011 and then having to retire after 24 hours due to sterering failure. I said as I stepped back onto the pontoon in Falmouth that I had unfinished business to attend to. I have attended to it and it is a pretty emotional thing – all the more because my dear daughter Helly was with me and I couldn’t have done it without her. I know she was not too keen on the return trip after her sickness on the way out – I do not think long offshore passages suit her – but she did it – for me I believe – and for that I am truly grateful and forever indebted. That funny little urchin girl from Frohbuel wth the permanently self-inflicted crooked fringe shouting out “me too” – well Helly it was just you and me – no ”me too” just “us”. - I hardly really know you before we set out – boarding school, horses, travelling and me always at work – well you have made me truly and blissfully happy. Thanks x
And the race?
At times in the middle of the night climbing out of bed, getting dressed into safety gear, going up onto a heaving deck to look around or take in a reef I asked myself “Why”? I have probably never felt so exhausted in my life – yet the warm glow of conquering one’s own weakness/fears/concerns is indescribable.- up there with the Chicago marathon. Having Helly also helped immeasurably as there was NEVER ANY CHANCE of showing her how tired or worried or concerned I felt! Thanks for that to Helly!
So what next? Spoke to my Dad who said “well I am glad that box is ticked” – but boxes breed boxes…Is the “sailing racing thing” done?
Yesterday Possibly, possibly not
Today  highly unlikely!!!.
Merlin is there for the future – round the world cruising holds far less concerns (just need loads of books, a well-equipped boat and, if any wants to come, a crew – and if not, well I can cope single-handed!)
As for racing – thoughts racing through my head:
Round Britain and Ireland short-handed
OSTAR (transatlantic) single-handed
AZAB 2019
Insofar as I do then with which boat?
Merlin would be fine for the AZAB, possibly for the Round Britain and Ireland but unsuitable for true single handed racing
An updated Outrageous? A possibility f she doesn’t sell for a good price
Or a small (30-35ft) bomb proof cruiser/racer?
Suggestions welcomes to my EMAIL at
outrageous4712 {CHANGE TO AT} icloud {DOT} com
And that is that.
All done and dusted. Mission accomplished – unfinished business sorted – challenge met
For possibly the last time from me and my 2 girls who have looked after me for the past 5 weeks
Outrageous, the tough old bird, reliable with a crabby streak
Helly the determined young lady with bloody-minded determination
Outrageous listening on Channel 16