The Spanish Armada and the art of a good night`s sleep

Mon 29 Jun 2015 20:30
More wind today. 15-20 knots from starboard quarter so making 7-8 knots – satisfying after yesterday’s frustrations.
Passed what seemed to be the entire Spanish fishing fleet around lunchtime, we had almost 30 boats within 6 miles of us, all steaming at 7 knots or so SW. Long-lining for tuna?
Helly is on Jaffa cakes, Gnocchi Tuna and other goodies so the gradual approach of land is clearly cheering her up. She had James Blunt Bonfire Heart at full blast so she could hear it up on deck. When it went into repeat I could stand it no more!
It was a “change underpants” day today. After 3 days it was probably time. Helly chose for me the Halloween ones, orange with black witches on!!! If I am lucky (or Helly is unlucky) these will last me until Falmouth :)
Perhaps only 2 more nights into Falmouth. 2 more nights of having to get up every hour. “Why” do you ask “does Helly not do her share?” For those of you who know Helly she has inherited the Stevenson female trait of being able to sleep through a nuclear bomb detonation. So I would have to hear the alarm, wake Helly up and that seems more effort than hopping out of my bunk and having a quick look at the chart table instruments and outside at the AIS. I think Helly DOES wake up but pretends to be asleep. In fact no, when I remember Andrea as a teenager and her bloody radio alarm waking ME up every morning while she slept on blithely , Helly truly is a Stevenson!
Last day of Azorean potatoes for Helly today. They are really delicious- nothing like Swiss or English ones, and it is the LAST ONE tonight. It is what has kept her going. But a steak in Falmouth beckons!
Oh well enough drivel from me.
Outrageous out.