1 day to go until the start

Mon 22 Jun 2015 09:36
All snags are fixed except that the fridge is still not working and cannot be fixed before the start! 10 days without cold milk, cheese etc. Lots of pasta I guess!!!.
1200 miles back – looking like light winds at the start so plenty of time to catch some rays, do some varnishing etc etc. Have also purchased fishing rod and tuna lures etc so who knows – perhaps there will be fresh fish!!!
Have fallen back in love with Outrageous – just as she is up for sale....perhaps no-one will love her as much as I do.
I has been the most relaxing enjoyable holiday – got to know Helly again – I have decided I see far too little of the children although I guess that every Dad says that.
So it is off to the briefing – final preparations – last bits of washing, fill up water tanks and ready to go!
Outrageous Out