Sat 27 Jun 2015 21:36
Had a fantastic days run today. Despite the fact that we have only used white sails, we have done some 170 miles downwind pretty much straight down the bearing to waypoint. A bit bumpy
but Outrageous is a delight to sail. Down below it is like sitting in a library (except that the tea slops over the books!) so Tessa there is no reason not to come sailing!!! Unfortunately the wind has gone light this evening and likely to stay so for 12-18 hours so a sloppy banging around.
Helly seems a bit better although clearly prefers the comfort of her nest to anywhere else! Today she had Pasta and then Azorean potatoes and carrots for supper but will certainly not be putting on weight
I am running low on milk so decided to try some of Helly's hazlenut milk in my tea. I (clearly foolishly) expected it to bear some resemblance to milk. It doesn't.
Do NOT try it. It is REVOLTING. Resorted to drinking sweet black tea to preserve remaining milk for my morning porridge. (Morning porridge, lunch soup and (now sweaty) cheese,
tea toasted bun with jam, evening rice and chorizo - tonight will add egg as a special treat!)
Have spent the day starting to compile a list of things that need to be present in a short-anded long-distance cruiser (Merlin will be PERFECTLY equipped!).  It is only when you
get out here and do it that things become clear priorities or otherwise.  Ease of handling, safety, and permitting one to elect to remain beow as much as possible in poor weather.
An example is only having an AIS display up in the cockpit without a repeater at the nav table which means getting up, dressed and lifejacketed and safety lined every 45 minutes
to 1 hour throughout the night. Not fun at 03.30 but someone has to do it!
Am listening to Bad Manners Special Brew as I type. Great music for keeping spirits up.  There is a concert just before Christmas in London. We went Last year Fantastiuc fun.
Anyonme up for it - we danced our hearts out (well my children may not call it dancing but I had fun!)
Enough for today. Time for Night Watch.
Outrageous Out