Day 3

Thu 25 Jun 2015 19:18
Tactical cock-up. Lost 3 hours or so. Went on port tack too early – wanted to avoid being caught gybing unexpectedly – safety first. Looks like it will be a far longer run back as it is pretty much dead downwind to the Lizard and we cannot get better than 30% either side of that dad downwind. Bugger!
Outrageous does not like the sea up her behind. It makes her a crabby and prickly old girl. So much so that she waited until I was standing on the deck, then gave a big shrug and knocked me headlong (and pretty much senseless) into the cockpit. Teach me to stand up in rough seas!
Settling into a routine catching some rays and underpants sunbathing when Helly is asleep downstairs (do not tell her!!!)
Hooked a bloody seagull. Had to cut line as it was large and angry. Mark has a splitting headache – good we have a large supply of neurofen Helly also under weather so pottering along at 6 knots. Have turned race into cruise!
Outrageous out