Of dolphins, and the effect of Azorean potatoes on the digestive tract

Tue 30 Jun 2015 17:23
First the sailing – great until  about 13,.00 when the wind stopped for a lunch break. Must be a city lunchbreak because it still hasn`t come back – in fact it is not forecast to come back until tomorrow lunchtime earliest. At one point we even took the sails down. A really bugger just 160-170 miles out. Xanadu is 8 miles ahead, Dragon of Hamble 12 miles behind, Vijaya about 60 miles ahead and QII is not in yet either. Even when wen the wind does come back looks to be light. Not good!
Last night was very dark and cloudy and all of a sudden a dolphin jumped right next to me, did the same again and then disappeared – must have been one of Jen`s trained intelligence gatherers!
Now to the scientific part. The Azoreans clearly have a very healthy and balanced diet, fertile soil, lots of fish, lots of beef and lots of dairy and inexpensive prices. Helly therefore decided to experiment wit a diet of red potatoes only. We are now on day 5 without her having gone to the loo and when it does happen it is going to make Max’ perfumed exploits look positively tame! So beware, Azorean potatoes rival immodium for efficiency.
Back now to whistling for wind.
Outrageous out