Day 4- Friday

Fri 26 Jun 2015 18:49
Well what a mixed day!
Starting off gybing in pretty windy conditions as the wind swung about. Have gor used to doing this single handed – see blow – as long as you do everything logically and in the right order and check things as you go no problem at all, just hard work – but miss one step or get the order wrong and bingo – mr cock-up comes visiting!
Early morning was great with Westerlies allowing us to push on, then Late morning early afternoon was frustrating with too little wind to fill the sails properly, the wind slowly backed to SSW and filled and this evening is a sail that you could use in a promotional video:- sunshine, 15 knots of wind over rear quarter, flat seas and 6-7 knots straight down the bearing to waypoint (off lizard – as we speak a mere 763 nautical miles to run!!!
-Helly is still down sick – she will at least be well-rested when we get back to blighty! I asked her if she was alright.  She said “I want to go home”. I said “we are going home” She said “very slowly”. She wanted Pizza.  Couldn`t get through to Pizza Perfect in Menzingen so cooked her the last one on board which she ate!  It is so nice to have her on board! Really great!
I finally finished the book that Tessa had recommended – The Master and Margharita by Bulgarov.  Having finished it I still have not the faintest idea what it was really about – should have expected no less – Tess recommended it – she will have to explain it to her when I see her.