Limehouse - Dover

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Wed 6 Sep 2006 08:31
I left Limehouse yesterday at about 10.30am. The wind is predicted to be very light today so lots of motoring ahead.

I headed to Tower Bridge for some photos and a few friends were there to say there farewells. The area was busy with tourist boats so couldn't put the sails up and there were vessels wanting to go into St Katharine's Docks nearby.

About 11.45am, I turned and headed down river with the now outgoing tide. The Thames travels swiftly so the going was fast. That was until a cruise liner decided to berth in the middle of the river near Greenwich. I had a 15 minute delay while the tugs did their tugging and I twiddled my thumbs.

Surprisingly there was little shipping traffic as I progressed down the 43 miles to the river Mouth. It was completely dark at about 8.30, and I was now in the Thames Estuary. The tide had now well and truly turned again and I was now going against it. I turned South at about midnight.

At 2.30am I dropped anchor at Deal, not far from Dover to get some sleep after a very long day on the helm and the melodic thumping of the motor has now ceased. I'll leave in the morning around 9am after breakfast.

And that's good evening from Ingrid.

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