Day 43 - 46 Equator

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Fri 17 Nov 2006 04:43
On 17\11\2006 at 04.10am GMT local time after 45 days 17 hours and 10 minutes I have passed the equator.
Total distance is 4178.6 nautical miles

My position is

000 degrees 00.01 minutes South
025 degrees 58.948 minutes West

I am elated to have passed this significant milestone.

I am into the South East Trade winds that will take me quickly down the western half of the South Atlantic.

Passing the equator brings many changes and more than just a number.

I am now in the Southern hemisphere and am on a new chart that takes me to South Africa. The winds spin in systems in the opposite direction. The night sky will change and I should be able to see the Southern Cross soon. It is now late Spring and no longer late Autumn. The water spins down the plug hole in the opposite direction. All of these things bring the thought of home just that little bit closer even with 11000 miles to go.

For those in Queensland, Australia, look out for an article about the trip in the Sunday Mail this weekend.


With the change of hemisphere, I can also announce that today I launch a new aspect of the adventure.
It is called the "Treat Life as an Everyday Adventure Campaign".
All money raised from now during my trip will be directed into a fund that will enable me to talk to schools, charities, clubs, dinners and corporate events in different locations. I will then be able to talk to all generations about this trip and how all of us can treat life as an everyday adventure.

The many emails from children during the trip has made me realise that I can help inspire others.

We all can go out there and achieve our dreams if we dare to go after them. I can help show you how to put your thoughts into action.

Of course it can only work with your help. Maybe you can run an event to help raise funds for this cause. Company branding and sponsorships could also be available. I have also been working on a book and DVD during the trip.

If any local, state or federal government department or minister can direct funds then this would help too. Any donation of any size is most welcome and can be made directly on the website.

That's a very good evening from Ingrid in the Southern hemisphere.


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