Day 78 - 84 Xmas Day - Cape of Good Hope

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Mon 1 Jan 2007 20:00
<<I prepared this report Dec 26. As you will see in the next blog, storm conditions have forced me to delay this blog>>

Merry Xmas from Ingrid! Today I've passed the Cape of Good Hope. Passing this milestone makes my Xmas. I'm just two and a half days from Cape Town, South Africa.

Today, I've opened my Xmas food package. Thanks to all of WorkDirections in London for providing this, especially Fatima. There has been a lot of thought put into it. There is a large mix of sweets, puddings, salmon, and other food. It will last ages. Located below the hatch to the cockpit, I've been looking at this box every day. It's nice to have a surprise.

I also called my mum in Brisbane on the satellite phone. The connection was fairly good so it was nice to keep in touch. Thank you to all of those people emailing as well.

Conditions in the past week have been a bit difficult and my daily distance not very long. The weather systems come through this part of the world quickly and I need to make many course corrections as the wind changes. Wind has been from calms to 25knots. This has resulted in lots of sail adjustments.

I'm in contact with a chap in Durban, South Africa who suggests I pass below Cape Aghullas at 28 degrees south. Alistair has been advising yachts for many years.

I wish everyone the best of Xmas times and a happy and safe festive season.

Thanks a very Merry Xmas from Ingrid


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