Delay in Departure

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Sat 23 Sep 2006 19:45
I have delayed departure here in Plymouth due to the proximity of Hurricane Helene in the Atlantic. I made this difficult decision yesterday. I am keen to leave, and it wasn't easy to accept it. I have been mentally preparing myself for a Sunday departure for months. The hurricane poses a danger when passing the Bay of Biscay depending on it's position next week. I have decided to wait until it passes. Safety first.

The window for departure is now between Wednesday 27th and Saturday 30th September 2006 now.

All preparations are complete here in Plymouth, and I am now just waiting for the weather conditions to be safe.

On a much brighter note, I was very pleasantly surprised this morning with the unexpected arrival of my mother from Australia. I can tell you I was very surprised to see her here in Plymouth standing by Ingrid. She has been travelling for the last 30 hours from Brisbane. With the delay due to the weather, it means I can spend some time with her before I leave now.

That's a very good night from Ingrid in Plymouth.


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