Eastbourne to Plymouth

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Mon 11 Sep 2006 17:52
I have arrived in Plymouth successfully 4.30am Saturday morning. The
journey from London was a total of 345 miles.

Here is a brief update of the last couple of days.

After leaving an anchorage off the coast at Eastbourne on Thursday, I headed
under sail towards the Isle of Wight. The wind was to come from the north
east (behind me) until I reached Plymouth. About every 6 hours I took a
half hour nap (normally in the cockpit - and sitting up!), and I continued
on to Plymouth in this way non-stop. I wanted to try this method out. I
will use it again in the first few days after I leave Plymouth on the bigger
trip as I pass through the English Channel shipping lanes.

At dusk Thursday evening, I passed busy shipping lanes that lead to
Portsmouth and Southampton.

The wind really started picking up and the waves were very messy with wind
against tide, and the waters near the Isle of Wight and Solent converging.
I had uncomfortable conditions for the next 6 hours. I passed close to the
Isle of Wight and not far from Bournemouth and remained close to the coast
through to the morning. Being close to the land flattened out the seas and
made the sailing fast.

On Friday, I crossed Lyme Bay, and was now well into the West Country part
of England. The wind was now up to 35knots. The sailing was fast. The
boat was doing up to 9 knots with one sail up.

In the wee hours of Saturday I approached Plymouth Sound. The entry to
Plymouth was difficult. Plymouth is a city of lights. I needed to pick up
various flashing lights to enter the harbour - none of which I could see
amongst the blazing plethora of lights in my sight. I have only entered
Plymouth during the day by sail, or by train. There are no rail tracks to
guide me here. I proceeded according to the GPS at dead slow speed. I
picked up the markers only as I was about to run into them!

I docked at Plymouth safely at Queen Anne's Battery (QAB). I went to sleep
very quickly.

I will now make final preparations for my departure to Brisbane.

Thanks good evening from Ingrid

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