Day 71- 77 - Halfway

Carlile Adventures
Mark Carlile
Tue 19 Dec 2006 07:07
034:41.88S 009:16.38E

Halfway home! - Passed 7500 miles in 75 days.

It's great to know that I just need to repeat the first half of the voyage.

The mornings begin earlier each day as I head east. I naturally am waking up earlier as the sun ascends over the horizon.

My daily routine seems to change every few weeks as circumstances change. I am now in contact with Alistair at the South African Maritime Mobile Net based in Durban. It is reassuring to pass on my position to someone local. There is a yacht called Nine of Cups a few hundred miles ahead of me, having made a passage from Uruguay and we are in daily contact. I've also heard from Andy on Tristan De Cunha - the most remote inhabited island of the planet not that far from me to the south.

A few days ago I was able to receive my first fuzzy weather fax, broadcast from Western Australia. It is my first tangible proof that I am getting closer. Because the days look the same, I often feel like I am on a tread mill where the scenery remains the same going nowhere.

Passing the prime meridian also occurred. I moved through zero degrees from the western to the eastern hemisphere. Just 10 time zones to pass.

The Cape of Good Hope is not far from me now. I will pass well south of South Africa, below a very strong current running over shallow seas off the South African coast.

I've had a detailed check of my supplies. I came across the fact that I have the equivalent of 200 eggs in egg powder on board. I'm not sure why I have so much! The rest of the food provisions are ok.

Also, I have put up 3 Xmas decorations on board now to get into the spirit of Xmas. It is strange not to be caught up in the Xmas frenzy at this time of year.

Today's everyday adventure is to spend more time with family. This is a busy time of year and it's important to enjoy this festive time rather than be stressed. Help out others where you can so everyone can enjoy it.

That's a very good evening from Ingrid, 500 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa


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