Day 8 : 19:30N 34:06W

Elixir - Ovni
Richard Merrick
Mon 30 Nov 2009 10:34
Well, who said the crew of Elixr were amateurs? Not only have we smashed the daily mileage record and our ambitious target of 160 nautical miles with 162 nm, but we caught a 80lb Marlin to boot.
Following a hard Sunday mornings sailing we sat down for a well deserved lunch and Mr Buton kindly provided helm cover while the rest of us grubbed away then, one of us noticed that the fishing line was really very tight. So tight that one man couldn't pull it in and it took two men fighting to reel in hard. As the line got closer to the boat it was like a scene from Jaws and it was clear we had caught a fish that we may not be suitably prepared for, with a huge fin agressively ploughing through the surface we were all a bit nervous, it then broke the surface of the water lunging with it's huge sword like nose at Rich who had the job of bringing it on board. FANTASTIC. The whole episode went on for a couple of very long and exciting minutes but eventually the beast slipped the line and swam away. Needless to say we are now on the hunt for another.
It was Rich's birthday yesterday and if he had been stabbed by a huge fish it wouldn't have been fair. So we quickly got back to work on the Spinaker and managed our daily target. Which I gues now means that the record to beat is 162 nm. Will keep you all up to date.
Birthday celebrations were as elaborate as they get with some very good steaks and a nice glass or two of red by lantern light in the evening and some great banter to round up an excellent weekends sailing. We shall report tomorrow on our milleage, wish us well.
Oh, Elixir continues to look after us excellently.