Day 7 : 20:01N 31:32W

Elixir - Ovni
Richard Merrick
Sun 29 Nov 2009 13:58
Today we celebrate the 26th birthday of Rich Jaehme's 26th birthday so we all wish him a very happy birthday and in light of this we are defrosting some very tasty looking and large steaks ready for a celebration supper. Something tells me a Gin & Tonic or two will be sneaking around to mark the occasion.
Outside our celebrations and superb suppers, Elixir has now developed a militant routine of wake up, spinaker up and the crew knuckle down to a hard days sailing as our skipper is keen to stay competitive and represent his St Mawes Yacht Club, Falmouth favourably.
Yesterday we sailed very hard (particularly on the bow, where some angry halyards have a habit of draging crew rapidly accross Elixir's foredeck), topping out at a spectacular 11 knots and average of 8 knots only to loose our hard work to a very calm night watch. Today's miles totalled 153 while we aimed for 160. Better luck to come, me thinks. We are determined to narrow the gap between us and the racing division which according to the weather will be stuck in light Southerly winds over the next few days. Wish us luck!
Elixir continues to look after us well