May 19, 2014 Up the river.

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Sun 18 May 2014 20:26

May 19, 2014  Up the river.

We are now up a little way up the River.(four hours motoring from Livingston)  It was spectacular, sheer cliffs on both sides 600 feet high all green with dense vegetation. (The Tarzan movies were made here.)  We are anchored in a little cove along-side the jungle amid a few thatched huts. It is hard to sleep as the Howler monkeys calling to each other make a terrible noise. There are fire flies flying through the trees, The Mayan people paddling about in their dugout canoes. Just amazing.

Now we have no cutlass bearing..(propeller bearing) That fender we use to locate the anchor got
caught in the prop as we were leaving Tres Puntas . I got it out and could
not get the last bit of rope away leaving a bit secured to the shaft between
the cutlass and the rope cutter thus blocking the water flow that goes
through to cool the bearing.. With the mud at the bar and revving the motor
at 3000 rpm for an hour destroyed the cutlass.
We motored here to Texas Bay (actually the bay before texas) not realizing
the problem.  I have now cut out the remaining bit of rope and the shaft has
a 1/4 inch play in the housing...
We plan on sailing as far as we can then either pull the boat with the dingy
or organizing a tow to the marina, NanaJuana..
According to Tom the sail repair guy here there is usually enough wind in
the afternoons to sail.
We hope to go on Monday afternoon, then if we get to the end of the lake too
late in the day to go all the way we will anchor and then do the tow the
next day. I think that I could motor briefy with out too much being
destroyed, at least I hope so.

Wish us luck...

I think that this will be the last of the blog except for the next log “Looking Back” as the subscription for this service will run out on the 20th UTC. If you are interested in how we will get to the marina without the cutlass bearing email me.