21:02:48N 79:19:25W The Queens Gardens

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Tue 11 Feb 2014 16:07

We are now at what is known as ‘The Queens Gardens’ Named by Christopher Columbus after Queen Isabella of Spain. Here it is known as  ‘Jardines de La Reina’ It is a mangrove and coral island chain of more than 600 cays 150 miles long. Lying 50 miles off the mainland. It is uninhabited and closed to commercial fishing.

The one we are at now is called Cayo Alcatracito.  White sand, glorious beaches,

Jim is busy fishing; we bought 4 lobsters from the local fisherman.   Three of them suffered their fate on the bbq a little earlier tonight, marinated in Olive oil, paprika, salt, pepper, lime juice and garlic. Bloody delicious.

We dingied over to the deserted beach and swam a while. Jim took the salt water soap to clean up.

There have been only two other yachts here, a German and a French. Both are gone now, solitude once again.

Tomorrow we will go 18 miles further east to Cayo Caballones 20:52:46N 79:04:00W  

We have had no luck with the fishing thus far except for the now using for bait barracuda and the five small sharks that we threw back. We have decided that if we get another shark we will keep it as the lobster supply has run out, and the baked beans are in low supply. After all they eat shark in Melbourne, don’t they?