19:24:087N 78:44:260W

Da Capo
Arne and Leonie
Sun 26 Jan 2014 05:10

On our way to Cuba.



This our  position as at   0001   hrs on the 26th January 2014.

We left Montego Bay this morning at 0945hrs We have been sailing for14.15  hours.

We have done73 nautical miles (nm)to this point.

It has been a really good sail; the seas are reasonably calm, about a half meter swell coming from the east. The winds are about 15knots from the NE. We had done 63 miles at the 12 hour mark indicating about 120 miles a day which is average. We have gotten 140 miles previously. The swell and the wind is pushing us off the plumb line to the west, which will mean that at some stage we will need to take the sails down and use the motor to go east. The best place to do this will be along the coast line in the lee as there will, hopefully be less wind there.

W have seen about five ships so far, thankfully we have not had to change course to steer clear. This sail is on one tack only requiring the occasional tweaking of the sails or the bearing. A real relaxing day