Fakarava Atoll

Manuel Ribeiro
Sun 29 Apr 2018 19:50

Images of the Tuamotus atolls have been on our dreams for many years, with visions of vast areas of calm waters in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Yesterday, after 3 days of pleasant sailing from Nuku Hiva and plenty of dolphins to keep us company, we entered Fakarava atoll in early morning, just before low tide, with minimum current and no waves. Inside the atoll, the view is just like we imagined: the lagoon is calm, protected by the surrounding reefs with tropical vegetation and a quiet ocean breeze. We anchored next to the main village, Rotoava, right in front of a small church. The water is clear, turquoise blue and we can see the fish swimming around us. Plenty of sharks in this area, but non violent species...


We had dinner ashore with two American friends, Richard and Dwight. Richard, semi retired at 72, had done plenty of mountain climbing but no experience of sailing. A conversation with a friend led him to buy a 45ft monohull and set off from Los Angeles to Tahiti.


Manuel will stay in this atoll for the next 3 weeks living the dream, while Zé and Pedro will start the next phases of their journeys. Some friends will come to visit and share this piece of paradise for a few days.