Manuel Ribeiro
Mon 22 Jan 2018 14:48

POS 13:05N 59:37W

We finally landed in Barbados on Friday, 19th January!

We have prepared a small video with a selection of photos from the crossing. To view, you can use the link:


After spending the night drifting in front of Bridgetown (to avoid anchoring in the dark) we moved into the harbour at sunrise for immigration and customs clearance. Engines off at 0755, local time.

We were preceded by the arrival of 3 very large cruise ships. ANIMA was a clearly low priority for the authorities, so after 3 hours we had our passports stamped and were allowed to leave and lay anchor in front of the beach.

Going into town is easy: we enter by dinghy through a canal, pass under a low bridge, stop right in the centre, secure the dinghy with a chain (we were advised by locals that this is a necessary precaution) and just walk into the town. A very lively town centre, with several markets selling fresh fruit, vegetables, fish...

Friday and Saturday were spent discovering the town and replenishing the boat with the essential groceries. We had a good recommendation for dinner, so went to the fish market in a nearby city (Oistins), where they grill very fresh fish to perfection. A great experience!

The weather on Sunday was unsettled, with wind and rain in the morning, so we stayed at “home”, chatting and meeting a nice English couple from a nearby boat, who dropped in for a glass of wine...