22 March (corrected)

Manuel Ribeiro
Fri 23 Mar 2018 04:21
POS2015UTC 01:27S 090:44W COG246 TWD100 TWS11 Shortly after witnessing an amazing sunset behind one of the Galapagos islands, Ze noticed that a fish had taken the bait and called the crew's attention to it. Manuel grabbed the fishing rod and a 9kg tuna fish was caught! It was then time to prepare it. Ze held a lantern pointing it at the fish while Manuel cut its belly and Pedro stuck his hand inside to pull its guts & organs out. The skin was then removed and some of the meat was cut in thin pieces to make a nice sashimi for dinner with rice, soy sauce and wasabi. During the night, Anima sailed between some of the Galapagos islands and is now headed towards its next destination: Marquesas Islands, 2900 miles away.

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