Tobago Cays and Union Island

Manuel Ribeiro
Thu 1 Feb 2018 16:48

POS 12:38N 61:21W


30 Jan 2018

Before clearing out in Union Island, we decided to stop in Tobago Cays, a wonderful natural park, comprising a handfull of small uninhabited islands and considered “one of the best unspoilt natural marine areas in the world”. We spent the day and the night with clear skies (practically full moon!).


31 Jan 2018

We left Tobago Cays towards Union Island, where we completed clearance out. While ashore, we did some shopping (fresh local fruit, vegetables, etc) and had a delicious seafood pizza at the very welcoming Anchorage Yacht Club, overlooking the harbour. As we left the harbour, we chose a well sheltered nearby bay, Frigate Island, to spend the night, again under a glorious full moon.