Manuel Ribeiro
Tue 30 Jan 2018 13:08

POS 12:42N 61:20W


Since our last post, the crew has changed! Charlotte and Zé have returned home and Isabel has arrived from São Paulo.

We left Barbados on the 25th and arrived in Canouan (one of the islands of St Vincent and The Grenadines) the day after. It was a quiet, comfortable sail and we anchored in Charlestown, in front of the Tamarind Hotel. Customs and Immigration clearance was reasonably easy, as all were in the same building. For those less familiar with these procedures, we need to clear with different authorities (Customs, Immigration, Port, Health, Park, etc.) every time we enter and exit a country. This can be done close to the harbour or, sometimes, at the island airport, and can take anything, from an hour to a full day…

The weather has not been as quiet as we expected. Strong winds and some rain mean we can use only sheltered anchorages, and we decided to stay in Canouan a few more days. We grilled lobster on Saturday and on Sunday we enjoyed the beach hotel infrastructure, which was very pleasant.

Moving to Union Island today…