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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Aug 2016
Sat 06 Aug 18:58 Dingle: we are here :-) 52:08.26N 10:16.63W
Fri 05 Aug 18:37 Whales! 50:59.20N 12:49.22W
Thu 04 Aug 23:32 First vessel seen in four days 49:25.60N 16:09.84W
Thu 04 Aug 10:40 All well, forward progress with a mix of sailing and motoring 48:20.87N 18:12.22W
Thu 04 Aug 00:53 North Atlantic all to ourselves -- very beautiful 47:38.52N 19:20.99W
Thu 04 Aug 00:36 new improved Yuva - now pointing at Ireland :-) 45:11.49N 22:15.79W
Thu 04 Aug 00:32 en route to Ireland -- or Iceland? 42:08.98N 24:06.85W
Jul 2016
Sun 31 Jul 21:21 en route to Ireland: 100+M NE of Terceira 40:07.85N 25:44.03W
Sun 31 Jul 00:12 Angra do Heroismo: departing for Ireland early on Sunday morning 38:39.18N 27:13.12W
May 2016
Tue 31 May 05:58 Ponta Delgada: yet to step ashore 37:34.30N 25:39.85W
Mon 30 May 11:04 Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel, Azores): 132M to run 37:25.28N 22:58.70W
Sun 29 May 07:22 Josephine: westward progress 37:38.86N 15:20.96W
Sat 28 May 09:32 Josephine -- not our favourite girl 37:38.86N 15:20.96W
Fri 27 May 08:47 Well on our way to the Azores -- nearly a quarter of our distance from Lagos to Ponta Delgada now run 37:21.36N 12:32.30W
Thu 26 May 16:56 Cape St Vincent is 62M to the east of us -- 10% of our distance to Azores now run 37:07.99N 10:16.54W
Wed 25 May 23:34 Lagos: departing Thursday morning 37:06.67N 8:40.49W
Tue 24 May 09:10 Lagos: update on likely departure timing 37:06.67N 8:40.49W
Tue 24 May 08:48 Lagos: our springboard for the passage to the Azores, and a lovely place in itself 37:06.67N 8:40.49W
Sun 22 May 08:57 Gibraltar soon: getting to the exit 36:11.47N 4:49.08W
Sat 21 May 05:12 Cartagena: stopped here overnight en route to Lagos 37:35.47N 0:58.42W
Tue 17 May 13:04 Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: waiting for our new genoa furler motor 43:41.40N 7:20.11E
Mon 09 May 12:37 Saint-Jean-Cap Ferrat: test post to activate blog (future posts to follow once testing is done) 43:41.27N 7:20.17E