Kuredhoo, Faadhippolu Atoll, Maldives 05 32.598N 73 27.784E

Brian Palmer
Thu 17 Feb 2011 08:37

Another early start to sail just over 31 miles to the island of Kuredhoo on the next Atoll south.   Kuredoo is situated at the top of Faadhippolu Atoll and was around .25 of a mile out on C Map.    


Crossing the channel between the two atolls the tide changed and we had a good current with us, however, the currents getting around the north east corner of Kuredhoo were fierce until you got into the shelter of the island.


This was a very pleasant spot if a little noisy.   Kuredhoo was the home of an extremely large resort with something like 800 beds, we could not get over the number of people we could see on the nearby beach and sea planes arrived and took off every hour.    People were being moved around in great numbers here as tour boats came and went regularly.      It was a very busy place but not the place for yachties, friends on Pelikaan warned us that they had been asked for $50US per person to go ashore, so we stayed on board and watched the many boats and planes along with the manta rays that seemed totally oblivious to the boats.    The dolphins also gave us a wonderful display just as the sun went down.


It was a beautiful spot but we had now caught up with Scorpio so it would be just another 1 night stop.