The Indian Ocean at last 06 29N 93 08E

Brian Palmer
Tue 18 Jan 2011 19:24
We have now been at sea for over 2 days and are doing well.    It is now around 2am in the morning Thai time, 1915 UTC, the winds are light and we are rolling a little as we try to sail downwind in very light winds.     The past two nights have been stunning under clear cloudless skies littered with stars and an almost full moon. 
At around 1100 UTC yesterday we passed 12 miles south of the Nicobar Islands.    These are a group of islands that visitors are prohibited by India to visit in order to protect the indigenous population from the influences of the civilised world and our many diseases.      We had expected to see a flurry of fishing boats in the area but these did not materialise.     So far tonight we have been free of other traffic, not so the previous night when we came across a number of large fishing vessels.    Just not sure which country they would have been from.