Day trip to Satun, Thailand to renew visas

Brian Palmer
Sat 27 Nov 2010 09:20

It was late Thursday night when we returned to the boat and checked our visas that we found they expired the next day.     We thought they expired a day later and we would check out and merrily set sail for Thailand soon after.    Unfortunately it did not happen that way.


The new electronics Brian has been fitting were not performing as they should, there were several other jobs that needed doing before setting off so it was decided we would take the ferry to Satun, in Thailand and spend a few days before returning to get a new Malaysian visa.


Hastily I booked ferries there and back and we made plans to pack a few things, book a taxi to the ferry terminal and head off.   First we would approach Immigration to see if they could help us.   What a great lot they were, the very kind guy in charge of Kuah Ferry Terminal Immigration on Friday said we would have to leave the country as the visas had expired that very day, but that we could return the same day which would save us having to find an hotel.


Yesterday morning we hot footed to the resort ferry to Langkasuka, taxied to the ferry terminal, checked out and caught the ferry to Satun along with our luggage and a lunch from KFC.     There was just enough time to check into Thailand pass through Customs turn round and check out and board the next ferry back to Langkawi.      We were back on Langkawi by 3.50pm.


The fast ferry took just 1hr 15 minutes each way passing through the many small islands on the eastern side of Langkawi, it was a beautiful day and we were allowed to sit on the top deck with the hair blowing through our hair and the sun beating down on our heads.


Now back at Rebak Marina we are hastily finishing off jobs and hope to set sail in a week to 10days time, this time it all now depends on the receipt of a package from the UK.