Dolhiyaddhoo, South Miladhunmadulu Atoll, Maldives 05 59.55N 73 13.29E Wednesday 16th February 2011

Brian Palmer
Wed 16 Feb 2011 08:19
After a pleasant night at Nolhivaranfaru we weighed anchor soon after 7.45 to head to Dolhyaddhoo the crescent shaped island in the middle of North Miladhunmadulu Atoll.       With a good current we covered the 46 miles in good time arriving soon after 1500.


Dolhyaddhoo from the air shows a circular reef but more than half of it is submerged and we motored slowly across the reef in case there were extreme shallows, thankfully we had plenty of water and it was an easy approach from the west side although there were strong currents.    


It was a beautiful day again with very light winds   


The pilot book told us that a resort was being built there and due to open in 2009 but on arrival it was clear to see the place was still under construction and would be some time before it would see guests.  However it was a very pleasant spot where we might have enjoyed a couple of days.  Gilgamesh told us the snorkelling was superb on the outside of the reef which was just a short distance from where we anchored.


Carlo and Luisa had successfully speared a large grouper earlier in the day on the edge of the reef and we were invited to spend the evening with them enjoying a superb Italian fish meal.   It was delicious.     This is one of the joys of cruising that you experience not only the cuisine of the country you are in but the cuisine of the fellow cruisers country.


We had a great evening with them, they even dinghied us to and fro so that we did not have the hassle of getting our dinghy and outboard set up.


This was an excellent stop over where we anchored in around 13 m of water.