ARC Portugal Ca Canny - Days 4 and 5

Yacht Ca Canny
Geoff Rogers
Thu 5 Jun 2014 12:30
We’ve made it Spain! Not quite our intended destination, but weather dictated a diversion and so, Thursday 5th finds us nestled in Club Nautico at Camerinas. We arrived at 0830 UTC to a warm welcome from the crews of Zoonie, Infinity and Seclusion who helped us moor up in the high winds.
The journey here from the position of the last blog was fairly uneventful albeit hindered with either low winds or winds from an unhelpful direction. A fair amount of motoring so this stop will be a welcome opportunity to refuel. The marina itself is fairly exposed to the winds, but the bay it’s situated is lovely and, looking at the forecast, I suspect we’ll have a few days to explore the delights of Camerinas by foot.
I was asked by some of the crew not to go into too many details about what we’ve experienced over the last few days – suffice to say we’ve had some challenges that we’ve faced up to and with a solid boat and good crew we’ve overcome. No-one was in danger at any time. Last night (over the shephards pie and beans....had to get a food reference into the blog) I asked everyone for their top 3 things about the trip so far and featuring high on the list were:
- the start itself: the build-up and the off followed by several miles good sailing whilst being in visible contact with the other boats;
- the boat itself: how well the boat has coped with some of the weather challenges. She’s absolutely solid in “interesting” conditions;
- Porpoises: seeing them “playing” around the bow leaping well out of the water.
So, it’s now lunchtime and Ca Canny is secure so thoughts turn to venturing landside after a quick wash and brush up. Thanks to Ians’ helpful “learn Spanish in 3 minutes” recordings on his iPod we’ve listened to this morning we are fully prepared to ask for 5 beers. I think I’ve also mastered to say “with milk” but I’m not completely sure what use that will be to me. Word of the day: Fantastico.