Bye bye Bayona

Yacht Ca Canny
Geoff Rogers
Wed 11 Jun 2014 06:32
And so our brief time in Bayona is coming to an end – a couple of lovely walks around the hills and fort took up much of yesterday. Trousers were duly procured and we had a fantastic reception with the Commodore of the MRYC last night – lots of stories swapped and tales expanded upon. Many many thanks to our hosts!
Almost all of the boats are now with us – Salsus arrived to a slightly muted reception (in comparison with the raucous daytime welcomes – foghorns are probably not great to be honked at just after midnight) and it looks like we will be catching up with Spirit III later on today when the rally arrives in Povoa de Varzim. Winds are looking very light so we’ll have to see if we can make the most of it today – I certainly don’t fancy much more motor “sailing”. What we do have to look forward to is an update from Ian on the language courses – we are set for some Portuguese lessons today.....we may share with the fleet......
There’s a feeling of reaching the end of something now within our crew – we already dropped one (Neil – you’ve been missed already) at Camarinas and three more of us disappear at Porto leaving Geoff with an entirely new crew for the second half of the rally. Thoughts turn to families at home – finding out by Skype that my son had been voted player of the season by the coach of his football team and that my daughter had won several silver medals at sports day left me feeling immensely proud, but immensely sad not to have been there in their moments of glory. I’m also very conscious that my wife has had to deal with a lot over the last couple of weeks whilst I’ve sailed off into the sunset (or force 8/9s anyway) – to have such a fantastically supportive partner is something I am aware makes me a very lucky man indeed. I’ve a feeling that this experience will lead to further adventures – and I’m looking forward to sharing those with my family next time around.
Fair winds and “go carefully”.......we’re not there yet and we still have the delights of Povoa de Varzim and Porto to come.