Ca Canny - ARC Portugal - Oiesras Near Lisbon

Yacht Ca Canny
Geoff Rogers
Sat 21 Jun 2014 14:56
Just 2 more legs to Lagos.

The Northerly trade winds have not established so we found ourselves motor sailing or beating into a Southerly wind to get to Oiesras which is down river from Lisbon. On the trip we rounded what is apparently Europe's most Westerly point Cabo da Roca.

One of the challenges we have been given is to paint a mural on the harbour wall - non of us claim to be artistic but after some general harrumphing about the task we came up with a good result based on a viking long boat sporting a Cornish Flag - Brian come from Mevagissey. The boat is from Sweden and it has a Celtic name Ca Canny meaning Go carefully. The biggest challenge was however wrestling the dwindling supplies of paint and brushes from other crews who also left the job to the last day. So we are now the proud owners of a mural we thinks is a great idea but perhaps lacking just a little in artistry?

At last nights rally BBQ in the boat yard it started to rain - we thought we would be clever and mover our whole table under a boat that was having its bottom anti fouled. Everyone else stayed out in the rain and no sooner had we got shelter but the rain stopped - wimps, we eventually moved back to join the rest of the rally with our tails between our legs. Most boats have held impromptu drinks parties before dinner - last night we went one better and ended up on Infinity with Torsten and Hille for Scnapps ........

All seems a very long way from the Biscay and Finistere experience - did we really do that? !

Ca' Canny