Day 3 - Bermuda to the Azores

Atlantic Crossing
Fri 5 Jun 2015 21:27
Position 35:41.0N 054:26.0W 2115 GMT
Speed 6-7 knots. Course 100 deg Magnetic.
1246 Miles to go to the Azores.

Still good sailing the last 24 hours! Wind a constant 15 knots from the South West. Sailing at 6 knots on a broad reach with a full main, poled out genoa and also staysail. Just had a cargo ship pass us. Its name was 'Ocean Topaz'! First ship we've seen for a while. Alex is halfway through reading the 930 page Shantaram book! and I'm busy re-learning celestial navigation and taking sights of the heavenly bodies with the sextant. All 20 bananas have decided to go ripe together, even though I tried a new storage technique. So banana sandwiches for dinner tonight and the next few days. :) All good onboard.

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